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Maries County

Image by Flckr user Cathy T.

The 1909 Peoria, Illinois Balloon Race

2592 1936 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

The modern interstate system has made the trip from Peoria, Illinois to Dixon, Missouri possible in just a little more than four and a quarter hours. During 1909 that trip took H. Eugene Honeywell, and George E. Smith just over 17 hours- in a balloon.

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Sketch of Allan L. McGregor's great, great paternal grandmother, Mary Helen Campbell McGregor (1672-1745) Shared by Gregory W Moss via

Allan McGregor’s Cane

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Richmond Democrat3 February, 1881 “Hon. Allen McGregor, member from Pulaski county, who arrived at Jefferson City on the 3d, inst., carries with him a souvenoir in the shape of a silver-headed cane made out of scrub-oak, which his grandfather, who belonged to the Famous Clan McGregor, brought over with him from Scotland, in the year 1800, when he landed in…

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