The Bank of Waynesville the morning after the robbery. A slab of steel was hurled through the large window at far right. Hundreds of citizens viewed the damage over the next three days. Courtesy of Jim Mitchell.

“Cussed and Discussed” The 1917 Waynesville Bank Robbery

637 460 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

The following article first appeared in the 2017 edition of the Old Settlers Gazette published by the Old Stagecoach Stop Museum & Foundation in Waynesville, Missouri. Each year the publication is provided free of charge, thanks to enthusiastic advertisers, in anticipation of the Old Settlers Day festival held in July. Past issues are available online at www.oldstagecoachstop.org. Pulaski County Tourism…

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Image by Flckr user Cathy T.

The 1909 Peoria, Illinois Balloon Race

2592 1936 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

The modern interstate system has made the trip from Peoria, Illinois to Dixon, Missouri possible in just a little more than four and a quarter hours. During 1909 that trip took H. Eugene Honeywell, and George E. Smith just over 17 hours- in a balloon.

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Newburg’s Coldest Case: The Mystery of J.W. Scanlan

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John W. Scanlan was born in Pennsylvania in May, 1854 to Irish immigrants. On December 19, 1911, while conducting business in Phelps County, Missouri he disappeared. His body was never recovered. Springfield Republican headline December 24, 1911 Civic Minded Business & Family Man J.W. Scanlan, as the Rolla Herald often referred to him, had certainly made an impact on Newburg,…

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Former Bank of Lenox in Dent County, Missouri. Image by Laura (Abernathy) Huffman for Population 91.

The Bank of Lenox & Mr. Young

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Prologue In the darkness of a summer night in August, 1932, Orville Robinson and Elmer Martin drove into Dent County headed for the Bank of Lenox. The Missouri State Highway Commission map of the State Road System only shows one state road into Lenox- a narrow gravel road connecting the community to Salem, 12 miles to the east. The men…

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Tuesday Night Band of Gypsies

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Via www.gypsyjib.com The Pulaski County Democrat 9 June, 1905 Page 5 A band of Gypsies, those strange and curious people of the far east will be encamped in the Court House square next Tuesday night and will not only entertain you in their songs and music but will serve cake, ice cream and lunch. These people are under the auspices…

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Who Poisoned The Jack?

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AN ATTEMPT WAS MADE TO POISON COMPANY JACK Sheriff Lee Baker Makes An Arrest Tuesday. On the night of Monday, May 28th an attempt was made to poison the big jack recently purchased from the Ravenwood Stock Farm, in Cooper county by a number of Waynesville citizens. The animal was being kept by W.L. Vaught, one of the owners, in…

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A Thanksgiving Dinner

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DEAR EDITOR:- I thought I would write you from this vicinity and let you know all the news as the weather is bad and I have not much to do that a little chat with you would be of some interest. Health is very good, some cases of croup but getting along all right. There is not much work going…

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Won Marriage License At Marbles

1330 950 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

One of the most unique and probably the most interesting games of marbles ever played in this town was a series of games by Circuit Clerk G.W. Gan and W. L. York last week. The game was to consist of three series of three sevens each and the prize was a marriage license to be issued to Mr. York in…

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Sketch of Allan L. McGregor's great, great paternal grandmother, Mary Helen Campbell McGregor (1672-1745) Shared by Gregory W Moss via www.Ancestry.com

Allan McGregor’s Cane

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Richmond Democrat3 February, 1881 “Hon. Allen McGregor, member from Pulaski county, who arrived at Jefferson City on the 3d, inst., carries with him a souvenoir in the shape of a silver-headed cane made out of scrub-oak, which his grandfather, who belonged to the Famous Clan McGregor, brought over with him from Scotland, in the year 1800, when he landed in…

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Henry Starr, the Cherokee Bad Man

The Cherokee Badman Comes To Town

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December 20, 1920 most likely started off as a typical weekday in Seligman, Missouri. That all changed mid-morning, around 10 o’clock, when an automobile pulled in front of the Bank of Seligman. A dark complexioned, tall man and his shorter tow-headed companion stepped out of the vehicle and entered the bank. A third man stayed behind, behind the wheel, waiting.…

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