About Population 91

Amaze your friends around the campfire! Population 91 discovers intriguing, obscure, forgotten history about your neck of the woods- so you don’t have to!

Population91.com is an exploration, travel, & history blog brought to you by Laura (Abernathy) Huffman. Laura is well known in Pulaski County, Missouri for her historical research and work on behalf of Pulaski County Tourism Bureau.In 2016 she, along with Roubidoux Case Research partner, Dawnmarie Cecora, “weaved stories” for the Military Writers Society of America.

Population91.com was inspired by Zalma, Missouri, on the banks of the Castor River in Bollinger County. Through genealogical research into her family history Laura learned that there is more than meets the eye in Zalma and the other small towns, villages, and hamlets that dot America’s rural spaces.

Population 91 digitizes the Ozark Mountain art of storytelling.

Population 91 is a Roubidoux Case Research product.


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