Stella and Me Cafe- Review Preview

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Worth The Wait!

After touring Ste. Genevieve’s Buldoc House Museum and the Bolduc-LeMeilleur House my mother and I headed to Stella and Me Cafe at 1:00 p.m. for a light lunch. The restaurant is housed in the lower half of a former residence constructed in 1853 for Henry Wilder.

When we arrived we saw three full tables of diners. No one greeted us and there was not any signage indicating to “seat yourself”. After standing around awkwardly for a few minutes we sat down at a table that had been cleared, but not wiped down, to get off our feet. After more time passed, a lady came from the back, where I assumed the kitchen was, and to my disappointment sat down with the larger group of diners. Shortly after, I overheard her taking their sandwich orders, and promising to wipe their table down. After taking those orders back to the kitchen the server came to our table and requested our drink orders. Since we had had plenty of time to peruse the menu (kept on the table) we also placed our lunch order. Our drink orders were served, incorrectly, but quickly rectified. Mom ordered a half Cranberry Turkey Panini (she overlooked the menu request to order Panini’s whole), and I ordered a half Big D Italian, hold the mayo, tomato, lettuce, & pepperoncini.

Stella and Me Cafe, 198 N. Main Street, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Image by Laura (Abernathy) Huffman for Population 91.

After what felt like another long wait (we had three more tours planned) the food arrived and it was DELICIOUS! Although we had both ordered half servings we received whole sandwiches and I’m glad that we did because I ate the whole thing even though I was stuffed. I do wish that I had saved room for a “just a bite” desert. Other diners in the room were enjoying theirs and commenting on how good it was.

Although we experienced a very long wait, and the tables were never wiped down, I will give this place another try the next time that I am in Ste. Genevieve.

I recommend Stella’s to groups of gal pals who want to enjoy visiting with each other while waiting for an incredible sandwich. As long as they are not in a hurry!

The sandwich looked so delicious and yummy when it arrived that I completely forgot to take a picture before I devoured it. I did, however, take the time to take pictures of the bright and colorful bathroom decoration.

Bright & colorful! Stella and Me Cafe, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Image by Laura (Abernathy) Huffman for Population 91.

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