Westphalia Pizza Company-Review Preview

Read our Westphalia Pizza Company review here first!

Little Italy In Little Germany!

Westphalia is a quaint village steeped in it’s German heritage- and a surprising place to find one of my all-time favorite pizzas. Main Street, or Haupstrasse, will lead you to the top of one of Westphalia’s beautiful Ozark hills and to the former blacksmith shop that now houses Westphalia Pizza Company.

Westphalia Pizza Company is partially housed in a former blacksmith shop. Photo by Population 91.
I was greeted by smiling faces, seated promptly and my drink order was taken quickly. Since I still had more road trip ahead of me I skipped the wine and beer selections and settled into a Dr. Pepper. After a leisurely perusal of the (new) menu I opted for the All Meat specialty pizza on a thin crust. I asked that the Canadian Bacon be left off and soon afterward my all meat pie with bubbling cheese was served on a pizza tin. As I served myself a slice onto my plate the pizza had the perfect amount of cheese “clinginess”- the cheese that strings from the companion pieces to the chosen piece. The first bite was pizza perfection and deliciousness. So was the second, and third and so on until I realized that I had devoured three slices! Sadly, I had to break away from the pie to get back on the road so I asked for a to go box and my check. Happily, I was rewarded with leftover pizza for breakfast the next day. I highly recommend a road trip to Westphalia for a slice of pizza heaven!

Westphalia Pizza Company’s All Meat specialty pizza. Photo by Population 91.

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