Won Marriage License At Marbles

One of the most unique and probably the most interesting games of marbles ever played in this town was a series of games by Circuit Clerk G.W. Gan and W. L. York last week. The game was to consist of three series of three sevens each and the prize was a marriage license to be issued to Mr. York in case he won, and in case he lost no license was to be issued and as a matter of fact his marriage was to be deferred to some future time. Mr. York is a popular young widower living two miles south of town and having tired of trying to rear a family without the tender care of a loving helpmate had decided to again enter the marriage state, and the eagerness with which he went after the “middle man” in the game showed plainly that it was no childs play with him. Mr. Gan did not have so much at stake, but his reputation as a marble player- something of which he is very proud- depended on this game and he too played in earnest.

Via Google images
Via Google images

The first three games were played Wednesday and resulted in a victory by Mr. Gan by a small margin. The second three games played Friday were won by Mr. York. The third and last three were played off Saturday afternoon. Each party had won a seven and when the score reached six and six on the last seven excitement ran high and Lunsford’s heart could be heard to beat above the din of the enthusiastic crowd.

It is enough to say that he got the license and was quietly married Sunday morning to Miss Minnie Thomas, a charming young lady living a few miles south of town, Squire Jerry Lane performing the ceremony. The DEMOCRAT joins their many friends in congratulations.

The Pulaski County Democrat
30 August, 1902

*W.L. (Lunsford) York was a superintendent of the Pulaski County Poor Farm. The Monday following the wedding, August 25th, “a crowd from town went up to the poor farm to help charivari” the newlyweds. Lunsford York passed away in 1930. Minnie passed away twenty-five years later. They were both laid to rest at Bradford Cemetery on Highway H in Waynesville, MO.

To learn more about a charivari please read page 6 of the News In 1904 in the 2004 edition of the Old Settlers Gazette.

For more information on the Pulaski County Poor Farm please visit www.facebook.com/pulaskicountypoorfarm

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