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June 2014

John’s Modern Cabins- Phelps County

980 660 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

Abandoned Route 66 motor court near the ghost town of Arlington in Phelps County, Missouri. October 2013.

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Swinging Bridge- Miller County

740 560 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

One of the swinging bridges near Brumley in Miller County, Missouri. 2010

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Marquand City Park- Madison County

671 520 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

Sitzes’ Log Cabin in Marquand City Park, Madison County Missouri. March 2010

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Henry Starr, the Cherokee Bad Man

The Cherokee Badman Comes To Town

510 647 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

December 20, 1920 most likely started off as a typical weekday in Seligman, Missouri. That all changed mid-morning, around 10 o’clock, when an automobile pulled in front of the Bank of Seligman. A dark complexioned, tall man and his shorter tow-headed companion stepped out of the vehicle and entered the bank. A third man stayed behind, behind the wheel, waiting.…

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Dogs Bluff Access- Texas County

980 740 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

Dogs Bluff Access to the Big Piney River in Texas County, Missouri.

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Vintage Outbuilding- Phelps County, MO

1493 918 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

Vintage farm outbuilding on gravel road near Yancy Mill, Phelps County, MO.

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Chair In Tree- Brookshire Cemetery, Phelps County MO

770 1020 Laura (Abernathy) Huffman

Chair In Tree- Brookshire Cemetery, Phelps County Missouri. Brookshire Cemetery is near Yancy Mill and Edgar Springs. May 29, 2014.

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